Free Points for Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

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Free Points for Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

If you are looking to get your hands on a working points generator for FUT 15 you should visit: In the small world of the video game, years go by and look the same once it is question of simulation football. Which is the law for some time already, it is FIFA, although competition may make much... Because at EA Sports, we don't play the shows each season, and with organ FIFA 13, the offensive is still powerful and efficient, for a result that does not disappoint. Remains to be seen if FIFA 14, at the time of the new generation of machines, Xbox One and PS4, and this time without competition, will surely shine from the commitment.

Xbox One and FIFA 14 PS4 versions, we had already been able to try out them in recent months, and they had provided us an enthusiasm that is not denied at the time of the test. If in the background, in the sensations of game, not big thing does not change, once you set one foot on the next-gen football ground, hard to go back, both FIFA 14 ends transfigured on Xbox One and PS4. Everything in detail, but what details!

The faces of the players more photorealistic than ever, contacts and animations, whose palette has yet been extended, through the crowd of stadiums, neat and noisy as ever, with more these new plans as a cherry on the cake, offering to have an aerial view on the arena in which will compete for the big game, or even a close-up on the foot of the attacker holding the ball before the engagement. Visually, FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One is simply a bomb and when it says it is the first that we discover on our new consoles, we look forward to be in 2016 and not just for the Euro which will play with us.

It should be noted that the Xbox One of this FIFA 14 version has exclusive pack "Legends" for fashion Ultimate Team, thus proposing to associate with Messi, CR7 and Ribéry today, the cracks of all time like Pele, Van Basten or even Shevchenko. Voice orders are also available via Kinect, to modify the policies to the voice during the match, and also... hollering on the referee... In any case, mentioned you, if this version of FIFA on Xbox One and PS4 is the most accomplished, whether it's on next-gen or current-gen, FIFA 14 stands not much in its bottom of game of his predecessor. But nothing dramatic seen FIFA 13 quality.